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ABOUT THE PARK 1857 - 2019
1857 The Grand Opening

The Grand opening of the park was in 1857, and created a sensation in the town. 
Blackburn was deserted as the Mayor led the procession from the town hall to the park to the official opening. Shops were closed at noon and manufacturers let loose their thousands of employees so that they could participate.
There was plenty of drama on the opening day. The cannon battery at the top of the park roared and thundered to welcome  over 60,000 attendees. Many of the crowd had their own guns and they fired them enthusiastically into the air. There were fireworks & rockets which launched cascades of coloured fire into the air.
The park inspired the generosity of public benefactors; Mayor William Pilkington donated three fountains, Alderman Cunningham donated two black swans to adorn the lake which had already been stocked by gifts of duck and geese from local people.  In 1958
Mr Walsh an ornithologist from Beardwood,opened the aviary and donated thirty birds.
1863 The Broad Walk was constructed providing work for hundreds of cotton workers during the Cotton Famine. The paths were paved with stones from the quarries on the upperslope.
1900s The original bandstand was demolished and a larger one built on the same site at a cost of £2,000.
2006 The Park is reopened by the Mayor & Mayoress celebrating the 
3 million pound refurbishment.
The Park in 1857
1923 First two bowling greens are laid below the eastern end of the Broadwalk.
The Sebastopol cannons
1870 Some of the original stone steps
Corporation Park in 1857
1970'sThe childrens play area is very popular
1863 Rail Bill to Blackburn. Day trip to Corporation Park
1890 The Preston New Road Entrance
1950's White swans adorn the lake


Childrens cycle track, 6 Tennis courts, older childrens adventure area,  3 bowling greens with new bowling pavilion, younger childrens play area with slides & swings, basket ball court and new discovery trail, with discovery stones which take the visitor right around the park.
Please go to this link to see an ariel view of the childrens playground.

The Parks Wildlife
The park has an array of wildlife, including many birds
Structures of Interest
Iron railings all replaced accross the park
The panoptican with colours
The Broad walk in Autum
The Conservatory
The main lake
The waterfall
The main fountain
1923 The tennis courts.
1923 The park landscape before the Italian gardens were laid

27 August 2013
Corporation Park, the Entrance Gateway and Lodge have been upgraded  to
Grade II* listed.
Grade II* are particularly important of more than special interest.
This national review by English Heritage has identified it as an early park, integral to Blackburnís mid C19 expansion and improvements, with its original design relatively little altered.

Pigeons & Woodpeckers
Wood pigeon
Collared Dove
Rock Dove
Great Spotted Wood Pecker

Water Birds
Tufted Duck
Canada goose
White Goose
Greylag Goose
Grey Heron
Moor hen
Blackheaded Gull
Common GullRare visitor
Herring Gull
King FisherVery rare visitor
Birds of prey
Tawny Owl
Sparrow Hawk

Perching Birds & Song Birds
Tree creeper
White throat
Willow warbler
House sparrow
Tree sparrow
House Martin
Carrion crow
Chiff chaff
Black cap
Wood warbler
Song Thrush
Mistle Thrush

Long tailed tit
Blue tit
Great tit
Tree pipit
Coal tit
Gold finch
Gold crest
Field fare
Green finch
Yellow wag tail
Grey wagtail
Pied wag tail
Bull finch

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